Broadcasting licenses for next season's Serie A, Champions League and FA Cup in Singapore remain unallocated

The failure to secure television rights has stirred discontent amongst local fans, who have subsequently voiced their concern at missing the chance of seeing their teams in action
Local telecommunication giant StarHub will not be procuring the relevant licenses necessary for Singaporeans to watch the Italian Serie A off their televisions for the upcoming 2012-13 season, an official source has confirmed.

Disputes between StarHub and the local Serie A supporter group over the screening of 'Live' matches on the television broadcaster's Football Channel platform have been brewing over the past week, ensuring this development is unlikely to be received with much cheer.

Such viewer dissatisfaction stems from previous communication attempts between the relevant parties having alluded to there being a deal in place to telecast Italian football for the new campaign.

A statement issued by Football Channel Daily in late May had stated that 'Serie A will be [aired] on StarHub next season, and Football Channel will be the home of the best games'.

Recent promptings by the Italian football fan body however had drawn an admission from the company, stating that efforts to acquire the licensing rights for Serie A 'have stalled' of late.

"Football should be for the masses," local Italian football fan representative Nigel Gan exclaimed in reply to that acknowledgement.

"No one should be denied watching a good game of football on TV. We [in Singapore] are held at the mercy of telecommunication companies mainly interested in making foreign profits."

Unconfirmed rumours currently circulate that fellow broadcasting medium SingTel too has not yet finalised deals to import telecasts of the Champions League or English FA cup. Previous instances have seen either competition broadcasted on Mio TV's ESPN packages.