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Richard Bok: Not about what went wrong with us but DPMM did it right

Richard Bok: Not about what went wrong with us but DPMM did it right

Zeng Liwei

The Warriors coach was quick to concede that his side had been outmatched by a better DPMM team

SAFFC coach Richard Bok admitted that they did not have an easy game against Brunei DPMM in the League Cup semi-final as the Bruneians approached the game in a determined and disciplined manner.

“I think that DPMM came out of the game very aggressively," said Bok.

"They did not let us play our game and they pressed us very well.

“They are aggressive in a sense that they close down opponents very quickly and you can see every one of their players doing their part. It is not about what went wrong with us but DPMM did it right and they won the game.”

Bok's pre-match briefing certainly fell on deaf ears as he had warned the players about DPMM capability to strike from dead-ball situation.

“I had told the boys before the game that DPMM are strong in set-pieces and we indeed conceded a goal from a corner-kick.”

The Warriors Coach also felt that the referee had it all wrong in the lead up to DPMM's second goal of the game: “As for the second goal, I have to look at the video again and see whether it was offside. But at that instance, I thought that it was offside.”

But even with the defeat, Bok praised his players for their performance and fighting spirit in the game.

“Even after conceding the second goal, we did not give up and continued to fight on till the final whistle. The team deserves credit for their effort. That is what I like about the players in the team.”

Brunei DPMM coach Vrejan Simunic was a satisfied man as he was full of smiles and needed an invitation to start his routine post-match interview.

Simunic spoke of how he is delighted that his team has finally come out the better of the two teams.

“We played our normal game today," began Simunic. "We lost twice to them before and I feel that those games we should have won. So today, finally we win against SAFFC.”

“SAFFC may be a good team but Brunei DPMM players have progressed over the past years, especially the local players. I told my boys that the game will be an easy one if they do not make any mistake. The last game against SAFFC, we lost by two goals and we learnt from that game.”

Buoyed by the win, the colourful and animated Simunic said that he felt his team could have scored more than just the two goals they scored in the game.

“Today, every corner by DPMM could have been a goal for us. DPMM players can execute nice freekicks and corner kick.”