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The Real Madrid coach was in Singapore to meet the recipients of the Peter Lim Scholarship and shared his personal philosophy and candid views on football

"It was a good. long trip, it's good to disconnect a little bit from the pressures of 11 months of competition," began Jose Mourinho upon his arrival at 1-Altitude Bar located on the 61st floor of 1 Raffles Place.

The successful Portuguese coach was in town to promote the Singapore Olympic Foundation's Peter Lim Scholarship and greet the three young recipients of the award.

The scholarship was established in June of 2010 to help promising young athletes achieve their goals in sports despite financial constraints.

"I really have a feeling for Peter Lim Scholarship," said the 'Special One'.

"Because i think it's focused on not just the sports area but also gives kids a chance to have a better future."

The future of young athletes, primarily footballers, was the crux of Mourinho's talk for the day, who emphasised the overall growth that a child could benefit from through sports education.

"For example my son, what i want my son's coaches to be, the most important thing at that age is, think about education, think about foundation," explained the Champions League winning coach.

"Not so much on high performance, because in the beginning of the stage, they want to be but not all of them will arrive at that high performance level.

"Think about education. Think about being a man or a woman of success."

One of the three recipients of the Peter Lim Scholarship, Singapore Under-19 footballer, Illyas Lee Si Qin, had the opportunity of a lifetime to ask Mourinho a question and the excited Singapore Polytechnic student wanted to know what other values there were in training to be a footballer.

"Sports helps you understand a lot about cooperation, solidarity, helping each other," came the reply from the accomplished Mourinho without hesitation.

"I see young kids playing football, mayeb one to two will be top players. But they learn a lot by playing football.

"By being involved in football, you forget many things that society has wronged. Especially in Europe.

"Football can help to make you a better person."

Mourinho then gave his personal blessing to the young player adding: "I hope you succeed. I hope you reach your dream to become a good player. If you don't, you dont have to worry. You didn't waste your time. You're made a better person."