Craig Bellamy backs Brendan Rodgers to succeed at Liverpool

Craig Bellamy was fielded several questions from fans in Singapore where he also gave his thoughts on the new manager, training and future

Craig Bellamy spoke to fans and Singapore, fielding several questions about himself and the club at The New Paper Sports Bar on Friday evening.

He was in Singapore to promote the new Liverpool FC kit by Warrior Sports and raise awareness for his foundation in Sierra Leone.

“Singapore really is a beautiful place, with all the night lights and the buildings lighting up the skyline," said the Welsh star.

"Liverpool is big club with one of the largest fan-bases in the world, especially here in Singapore. We really appreciate all your efforts and support you give us, even though you are situated so many miles from Liverpool.”

Addressing what was easily the million-dollar question, Craig expressed his sadness at seeing mentor and club legend Kenny Dalglish leave, but set out to endorse the incoming Brendan Rodgers.

“He [Brendan Rodgers] has done an incredible job at Swansea, although Liverpool will be a different challenge," cautioned Bellamy.

"I am really sad to see Kenny Dalglish go. He’s such a special guy and he means so much to the club.

“But that’s football, change happens sometimes. Sad as I am to see Kenny go, I am looking forward to the new manager and see what he brings to the team.

"Rodgers is a man who knows his football. If he can do the same job he did at Swansea with Liverpool, with the type of football that they play, I think it will be an exciting couple of years for Liverpool going forward.”