T-Team's Irfan Abd Ghani denies tunnel incident

The defender has revealed that there wasn't an unsavoury incident that took place during the half-time break in the game between JDT and T-Team, contrary to media reports

T-Team defender Irfan Abdul Ghani has said that he believes the FA Cup second round match between Johor Darul Takzim (JDT) and T-Team should not have been postponed because there was no unnecessary incidents that actually took place.

The half-time spat saw both teams accuse the other of physical assault, resulting in both JDT and T-Team lodging police reports. The FAM subsequently vowed to severely punish guilty parties.

Speaking to the reporters after giving statements to the police at Johor Bahru, Irfan said he did not see any injuries to Evaldo Rodrigues or fitness coach Stefano Impagliazzo, who both claimed that they were assaulted by JDT’s highest official.

“Most of the players wanted to continue the game but assistant coach Azlan Johar made the decision that we should stop playing and go home straight away and he also said that if we continued playing that night and win the game, we won’t be able to return to Terengganu," Irfan said, according to Bernama.

He also revealed that there were no safety concerns at all and the decision to stop playing was not even made by head coach Azraai Khor. Irfan also denied that he made the statement because he had already made a deal with JDT.

“I did not make any deals with anyone from JDT," he continued. "I did this because I don’t want to be involved with lies and I will accept any consequences, even if I got kicked out of the team for standing up for the truth."

Meanwhile, T-Team chief operating officer Syahrizan Mohd Zain insisted that the statement gave by Irfan was an act of sabotage against his own team and expressed his disappointment.

“He was a reserve player that night and how could he have noticed what had happened in the tunnel because he would have on the pitch to warm up,” said Syahrizan to Bernama.

The FAM have since awarded a 3-0 victory to JDT, although there will be a follow-up investigation on the incidents in the tunnel.