Kuala Lumpur are not happy with how Selangor approached Hazwan Bakri

KLFA believed that the Red Giants were inappropriate with the way they approached to sign their star striker and demanded more money from the football association

Kuala Lumpur FA (KLFA) today have stated that they will make an appeal to the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) on the issue of compensation for striker Ahmad Hazwan Bakri.

KLFA insisted that they are not happy with the RM25,000 paid by Selangor after Hazwan Bakri has turned against them in October.

According to The Star, KLFA have demanded RM200,000 from the Red Giants for the 22-year-old striker, who they were planning to loan out to affiliate Malaysia Super League side, Sime Darby FC.

Last Friday, FAM’s Players' Status Committee chairman, Datuk Takiyuddin announced that Selangor will have to pay RM34,000 as training fee to KLFA as that was the formula laid down by FIFA.

KLFA however were not satisfied with how their star striker was signed and secretary-general Nokman Mustaffa said,“Although we are getting more than what Selangor had offered, we are not happy with how they approached our player.”

“I will submit FAM’s verdict to management committee to decide our next course of action,” he added.