Khalid Ali slams players who are disrespectful towards their contracts

The national football legend wants FAM to take serious action on players who breached their contracts

Khalid Ali urges the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) to be more serious in handling issues of players breaching their contracts.

The legendary footballer was commenting on the current ”trend” in local football, with most recently former Pahang midfielder Amirulhadi Zainal who decided to join Johor Darul Ta'zim despite already signing a contract with his former team.

Speaking to Kosmo!Khalid Ali said,”As long as the FAM did not react to this seriously, the matter would not be solved. The FAM must not give any more second chances by letting these issues settled amicably. If not, this will go on forever and we must teach these players a lesson. If they do not know how to appreciate the contract, then I suggest please do not play football.”

Just like Amirulhadi, Nazri Ahmad did the same thing with Kelantan and Selangor, however the issue was resolved peacefully as both football associations decided that they would not got to FAM in handling the problem.

Khalid Ali also insisted the credibilty of the FAM are at stake and it will look really bad on the association if they can’t handle the unprofessional behaviour of these players.

”It is going to look bad on FAM. Me myself as a former player feel embarassed if this ’U-Turn’ cases happen every year. I am sure the FAM are more knowledgeable in this matter and they have to be fair with each of the fooball associations or club."

The FAM has reached a decision yesterday that Amirulhadi is a confirmed JDT player but he was fined RM25,000 after leaving Pahang without permission.