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Kelantan captain, Badhri Radzi has decided to cover his 'aurat' and not just wear shorts whenever he's in action from now on

Kelantan Captain, Badhri Radzi is making the headlines again after he promised to the fans that from now on he will cover his ‘aurat’ whenever he plays.

Badhri, or also known as Piya, has promised that he will respect his religion and play by wearing long tights to cover his thighs and knees.

Reports in the official Facebook pages of Kelantan FA and Kelantan Fan club, Piya stated “With God’s will, from now on I will cover my ‘aurat’ whenever I play.”

This statement was well-received by not just Kelantan fans, but all football fans in Malaysia who salute the midfield maestro for making such a decision.

Piya has been one of the most influential players in Malaysian football for the past few years and his action will surely be idolised by many.

Badhri Radzi, who is also 2013 Most Valuable Player, is currently in training with Kelantan to prepare the Red Warriors for the 2014 season and continues to lead Kelantan despite several key players having already left the FA Cup champion this season.