Robert Alberts is positive Sarawak will qualify to Malaysia Cup final

The Dutch coach of Sarawak remained hopeful of his side's chances to overturn the deficit

The head coach of the Crocs, Robert Alberts has not given up hope to push Sarawak to the final of Malaysia Cup when he was interviewed after the match against Pahang.

“Two goals is not impossible. We have an important away goal. You can see in the second half we were pushing Pahang to get the second goal. It’s not impossible for us (reaching the final of Malaysia Cup). We have to make sure Pahang cannot score and we know they are a team that can score in any match.”

He rejected suggestions that the absences of Ronny Harun (injury) and Joseph Kalang Tie (suspended) as the reasons why the Crocs were not playing at their best.

“I don’t think without Ronny and Joseph is an excuse. We gave away the ball too easily. I feel that maybe some players cannot adapt to this big occasion where the team is getting near to the final. It is too big for them and this caused some players not to play at their highest level,” he added.

Robert hopes his side will perform better when they play against the Elephants next week in Kuching.

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