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The ATM captain Hairuddin Omar exclusively shared his thoughts with Goal after edging closer to another Malaysia Cup final

The four-time winner of the Malaysia Cup, lead his team to dump out the Malaysian Super League champions, LionsXII in Selayang last Friday.

It was the second time, the champions lost by a three-goal margin ever since they rejoined the Malaysian football scene.

Besides Marlon Alex James, who is undoubtedly the man of the moment for the Gladiators, the contributions of captain, Hairuddin Omar [Hai-O] was immense.

His efforts in providing James two assists and also his leadership - in attack and defence - was commendable and it was he that took control of the game ahead of everyone else.

The 34-year-old said: "It wasn't an easy match for us although we won by four goals, but we had done it well.

"There were times that we were at an disadvantage when [LionsXII] managed to score one goal, but we worked harder later on and finally made it."

When asked to comment on which goal made the most impact, he answered: "It was the third goal when Marlon [James] rocketed the ball into the net during a free-kick.

"It was a great moment and we just knew it was our time."

Despite reaching a step closer to another Malaysia Cup final Hai-O remained realistic to think far beyond the semifinals seeing that ATM will now face Kelantan on October 19.

"Kelantan have their strengths.

"I’ll take it a step at a tiem and then we can talk about the final," Hai-O added.


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