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Azmi Mohamed wants his players to stay focused and try to find an early goal in order to fight off the pressure they will get from the strong Kelantan supporters in Kota Bharu

Azmi Mohamed has warned his players to stay 100 per cent focused when his team face Kelantan in their second leg of the 2013 Malaysia Cup quarterfinal tomorrow.

According to Azmi, his players are in great condition and they must sustain great fitness, discipline and mentality throughout the game in order to overcome the pressure from the Red Warriors' supporters.

Speaking to Sinar Harian, Azmi said: “So far every player looks sharp and in great condition because we need to remain focused as we know the strength of the home crowd in Kelantan.”

Azmi will go in with the best strategy to ensure JDT’s progress to the semifinal as one tiny mistake could shatter their dreams of progressing to the next round.

“We do not want to just sit down because if we can get an early goal, we will have a huge advantage in the game.

“We might have to change our game plan and our players in order to protect our two-goal lead,” he added.

JDT are going into the game with a two-goal lead over defending champions Kelantan after beating them at the Larkin Stadium 4-2 in the first leg of the fixture last Saturday.