LionsXII Malaysia Cup game to clash with SOS Cup

The Malaysian Super League champions will take on ATM FA in their quarter-final first leg, with coach Sundram due to play in the Veterans' game the same night
The LionsXII will take on ATM FA in their Malaysia Cup quarter-final on September 28 after successfully negotiating the group stages, according to the schedule from the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM).

This means that the match clashes with the Sultan of Selangor's (SOS) Cup game on the same night, where coach V. Sundramoorthy is slated to play for the Singapore Veterans' side ahead of the main game between the Selangor Selection and S.League Selection teams.

It is still not certain whether Sundram will leave his team to the reins of assistant coach K. Balagumaran for the first-leg clash at Jalan Besar Stadium, where they will continue their assault on the Double.

It is understood that the quarter-final was originally scheduled for the 27th, with FAM pushing it to the 26th due to the SOS Cup. But the Football Association of Singapore then requested for the change to 28th, a Saturday, in order to boost attendance.

The match between the LionsXII and ATM FA is now set for a 7.45p.m kick-off next Saturday at the Jalan Besar Stadium, with the return leg on October 4 at the Majlis Perbandaran Selayang Stadium in Selangor at 8.45p.m.