Irfan: We were too complacent

Selangor head coach, Irfan Bakti, said that his players were too complacent, and too tired as they have had to play more matches than JDT
Selangor head coach, Irfan Bakti, was clearly disappointed after his team lost 2-1 to Johor Darul Takzim and were kicked out of the FA Cup following a penalty shootout.

Before the second leg started, Selangor were comfortably leading JDT 2-1 after an away win in Johor, and took the lead once again in Shah Alam when Mahali Jasuli scored.

However, JDT's new import Leonel Nunez scored twice to bring the game to extra time and then to penalties, with goalkeeper Al-Hafiz making outstanding saves to take the side from Johor into the semi-final.

Speaking after the game, Irfan said: "This is football.

"We did not take advantage when we played in Johor. The score could have easily been 3-0 over there but we were too complacent. Same thing happened here on our home turf, we were too complacent as well.

"Our players were also tired as we played more games than the others, and on top of that, JDT also have an extra day to rest compared to us."

Selangor were also without their import players, Peter Chrappan and also Forkey Doe, who had to be substituted after picking up a knee injury during the game.

"We missed Forkey Doe. "There were no players upfront that can hold the ball.

"We lost two of our import players while JDT have both of them playing. That has made a huge impact on us," Irfan added.

With Forkey Doe set to miss a few games, Irfan is hoping that Ramzul Zalini and Afiq Azmi can step up and fill in the void for the upcoming matches.

Commenting on JDT's new star player, Leonel Nunez, Irfan concluded: "For me he is not that amazing. He made two tricks in the game and we fell for that. That is why he scored."