Furious Butler lashes out at journalist after getting news of sacking

The recently sacked head coach of T-Team cursed and chased a journalist from the New Straits Times after receiving news of his removal as T-Team head coach

The recently sacked head coach of T-Team, Peter Butler, was infuriated after receiving his marching orders and reportedly lashed out at a photographer at the training ground.

The Englishman cursed at and chased New Straits Times (NST) photographer, Tengku Mohd Syamim, at the Soccer Field Sports Complex in Gong Rhino, yesterday afternoon.

The 21-year-old NST staff said that Butler wanted to prohibit the publication of his images after he received a letter from the Honorary Secretary of the Kuala Terengganu, Ali Embong, stating his removal as head coach.

According to Mohd Syamim, T-Team player, George Boateng, also joined the fray and attempted to grab the camera from him.

“I just wanted to defend my camera.

“I was shocked to see the Butler and Boateng reacting in such a wild manner,” he said.

Mohd Syamim, who has already made a police report, also added that he was scratched by Boateng while protecting his camera.

Meanwhile, the Chief Executive Officer of the T-Team, Ab. Rasid Jusoh, regretted the incident and promised to do a thorough investigation, adding that action would be taken if it is proven that Butler and Boateng were involved in the scuffle.

The Titans’ team board has decided that assistant coach,Che Ku  Marzuki Che Ku Mohd Nor, will replace Butler as head coach.