M-League matches will be postponed for 2013 General Election

The Vice President of the FAM has announced that M-League matches will be postponed to allow for the 2013 General Elections to run smoothly

All Malaysia League matches will be deferred to allow fpr the smooth running of the upcoming General Elections in the country.

The Vice President of the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM), Datuk Hamidin Mohd Amin, said that he will wait for the official announcement from the Election Commission (EC) on Wednesday before deciding on suitable dates to replace all the postponed matches.

“We have decided to postpone the M-League matches held during the election period to please all the parties involved.

“In fact, we are all aware that many people, including football fans, will be involved and voting during the elections,” Datuk Hamidin told Berita Harian.

Hamidin also reminded the fans not bring in any political party's flag into the stadium or else they will face stern action from the FAM.

“This ban of bringing in political colours into the stadia has been in effect for a long time regardless of the General Elections.

“So, fans will not be allowed to display any political party's flags in the stadia,” he added.

Meanwhile, Hamidin has also advised teams that are planning to sign new players within the 14-day transfer window, either locally or imported, to get quality players, starting today until April 22.

The FAM Vice President continued: “There will be no extension of the 14 days given for the transfers and we will not entertain any appeal from any team after the transfer window closes on April 22.

“We will publicise this matter to the teams in a seminar organised by the FAM before the restart of the M-League.”