Bojan is confident that Kelantan to go progress in FA Cup

Kelantan head coach, Bojan Hodak, is positive that the one-goal lead is enough for the Red Warriors to go through to the semi-final of the FA Cup this season

Despite only winning 2-1 against Premier League side Sarawak in the first leg at Kota Bharu, the Croatian coach is positive that his side can kick Sarawak out of the competition when they play again in the second leg at Kuching on April 16th.

Speaking to Sinar Harian, he said: "A win is still a win despite us only having a one-goal advantage when we travel to Kuching later.

"People said that Kelantan have a narrow lead but it is very precious and it means a lot to us.

"We will play there and we are the ones who have an advantage, not Sarawak.

"They have to win and in comparison, they have a problem with consistency in scoring goals."

According to Hodak, he is still happy with his team’s performance of notching five straight wins despite failing to score more goals.

"Now we have to look at our players and rotate them.

"My players are tired, because this is our third game in eight days.

"We do not have that many strikers and I am waiting for Fakri Saarani to be availaible to play," Hodak added.