Guiza and Del Nero to leave JDT after Selangor game

Johor Darul Takzim's import players, Daniel Guiza and Simone Del Nero are set to play their last game against Selangor in the Malaysia FA Cup.
After seeing Tunku Ismail Ibrahim step down from his position as Johor Football Association President a few days ago, Johor fans have to deal with another departure tomorrow when both Daniel Guiza and Simone Del Nero leave the club after the game against Selangor.

The Johor FA released a statement to the media saying that their import players, Daniel Guiza and Simone Del Nero will leave the club after the Malaysia FA Cup quarter-final clash against Selangor.

The decision to release the former Spain international and former Lazio player was made after an evaluation of the club's current position and the performance of both players at the end of the Malaysian Super League's first round.

After 13 matches in the league and the FA Cup, Guiza had scored eight goals to help the team climb into the third spot in the Super League and also take the club to the quarter-final of the FA Cup.

Johor FA's deputy president, YB Dato' Haji Obet Tawil said: "It cannot be denied that both players, Daniel Guiza and Simone Del Nero are world class and they have helped the team to where they are right now but we have to make this decision because Guiza's contract ends this August with Getafe and that will make him unavailable to play for the Malaysia Cup.

"Meanwhile, Simone still can't return to full fitness from his injury and he can't give his best performance for the team.

"Since the transfer window only opens on the 8th of April, the management has to make the decision to release the two players and at the same time find replacements for them.

"Johor's midfielder, Andre Francisco Rocha Da Silva, who is currently playing in the Premier League, has been recognised to take over Simone's place while a few players are currently on trial with Fandi Ahmad to replace Dani Guiza.

"Three players have been shortlisted and the management will announce it soon," he added.

Obet Tawil also said that he will make sure they find good replacements for both Daniel Guiza and Simone Del Nero.

He also urged the fans to come to the stadium to give Daniel Guiza and Simone Del Nero their final appreciation.