Johor Crown Prince resigns as Johor FA President

The Johor Crown Prince has resigned as Johor FA President and will assume a new role as the patron of the Johor FA.

After much controversy between the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) and the Tunku Mahkota Johor (TMJ), Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim has resigned from his position as the Johor FA’s President.

He will now assume a new role as the patron of the Johor FA with immediate effect and continue to carry out his administrative duties.

In a statement to the media, the TMJ said that he obtained the consent of the Sultan of Johor, Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar, after having revenue discussions with a Johor Legal Counsel.

Tunku Ismail said: "I made this decision because I felt that if I held the position of Johor FA President while holding the post of Tunku Mahkota Johor, it would be very difficult for me to govern PBNJ (the state) while bound by the laws and regulations of the FAM.

"Therefore, I have decided to become a patron of the Johor FA and while doing administrative duties for PBNJ as of immediately.

"This new position will open up more space and time for me to properly run PBNJ, including financial management, employee and player welfare and, it will allow me to make more informed decisions."

The Johor State Secretary Datuk Obet Tawil, from today, will take over the role of the state FA president.

Tunku Ismail was recently involved in a row with the FAM when sat at the Johor Darul Takzim players' bench when the faced Terengganu during his time of suspension.