Suggest revision for Article 88 - Tengku Abdullah

Tengku Abdullah wants the members the Football Association of Malaysia who wish to change the Article 88 Statute to come out and give suggestions
The Vice President of Football Association of Malaysia (FAM), Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah, said that the article was actually passed by the FAM members, not by the order of the President or the Vice President.

"If we need to revise [Article 88], then the members would have to come and suggest [how it can be] revised. I already informed the FAM [that it should] be revised, if we can analyse it with more details.  Even if we revert back the article, it does not mean that people can say anything they want about the FAM. That will show our immaturity," Tengku Abdullah told Bernama.

When asked about Tunku Ismail's comment on Malaysia's refereeing quality, Tengku Abdullah admitted that they are still amateurs in that sense, and will improve in time.

"I hope FAM's secretariat can accept the fact with positivity and analyse whether they can improve with the comments or not," Tengku Abdullah added.