Ong Kim Swee hails Badhri Radzi as one of the best midfielders around

The Young Tigers' boss, Ong Kim Swee, has praised Badhri Radzi (Piya) as one of the best captains in Malaysia
The Young Tigers' head coach Ong Kim Swee has praised Kelantan's skipper, Badhri Radzi, more commonly known as Piya, as a great captain.

According to Ong, leading Kelantan to the treble last season was not an easy task and not everyone has the ability to do that.

Speaking to Sinar Harian, Kim Swee said "I still remember when I called Piya for the match against Chelsea in 2011. Piya was outstanding. He always gives his best from the start till the end of the match."

Ong also said that Piya's age is not a factor to account for the player's exclusion from playing at a higher level. "Age is not a problem if the team realizes how important the player is. Piya can play in the midfield and he's been doing a terrific job at that.

The last time Piya played for the national team was back in 2011 when Malaysian XI met Chelsea in a friendly match.