Selangor will file an official report to FAM regarding fighting incident against ATM

Irfan Bakti, Selangor's head coach said that Selangor will lodge a report to the FAM regarding the fighting incident with ATM after their FA Cup match recently
Speaking to Berita Harian, Selangor's head coach, Irfan Bakti said "We will lodge a report to FAM. The incident were not supposed to happen. The match is over, everyone should move on."

The fighting incident happened when the game was over after penalty shootout and during the players were shaking hands with each other at ATM's dugout.

Selangor's striker, Afiq Azmi was said to have provoked the opposition bench before being hit by ATM players.

Irfan added that his side has already identified who was the one who hit and threw a bottle at Afiq. He also admitted his disappointment regarding the incident.

ATM's coach, B.Sathianathan, claimed that he did not see what happened while his captain, Hairuddin Omar said that it was Afiq's provocation in front of the ATM's dugout which was the reason for the incident.