Monsoon season disrupt Kelantan's preparation ahead of season opener against ATM

Kelantan head coach Bojan Hodak’s preparation for next season has been affected by the constant raining in the east coast of Malaysia

Monsoon season in the east coast of the country has clearly disrupted treble winners Kelantan’s preparation for next season's challenge.

Head coach, Bojan Hodak admitted that non-stop raining in Kota Bharu for the past one week has ruined his plans to build a strong team before facing ATM in the Charity Shield on the 5th of January.

Hodak said to Sinar Harian that he cannot implement any tactical strategy if the players keep playing on wet surface.

“We have to accept this fact. We are considering having our pre-season training outside of Kota Bharu as we do not have much time before our first match in January."

Hodak also added that he needs more friendly matches to find the best combination.

Kelantan will go to Penang for training session, before playing friendly matches against Penang, Kedah and Sime Darby FC.