Money was not the reason - Aidil

Aidil Zafuan's move to Johor from ATM was not because of money, but because he wants a new experience and to win titles with Johor Darul Takzim
National defender Aidil Zafuan wants to make things clear that his move to switch club to Johor was not because of money.

Aidil, who was an ATM player last season, said that he wants to have a new experience in his football career and wants to experience success with Johor.

"Everybody was surprised when I moved to ATM last season because ATM was playing in the Premier League, that has clearly shown that I am not playing for money. I am doing this for my career and I want to help Johor to go as far as we can go", Aidil told

His twin brother Zaquan Adha joined Johor much earlier than Aidil, and according to him, his first match for Johor was an amazing experience.

"I believe Johor has the best supporters and it is not impossible for Johor to become a phenomenon better than Kelantan" commented Zaquan.