Award-winning sports anchor Fadzrie Hazis gives his take on Malaysian football

The 2011 Best Sports Commentary winner for the Sportswriters Association Of Malaysia (SAM) gives his insight on the current Malaysian football scene

Being a veteran in the industry for almost 10 years, Astro Awani sports-anchor and editor Fadzrie Haris knows the Malaysian football scene by the palm of his hands, and he is proud of every moment - be it happy or sad.

“The Malaysian Super League is improving, slowly but surely," he says.

"Ever since we won the AFF Suzuki Cup in 2010, there has been much interest in the national team and the league as a whole, which is very endearing as we locals should give pride to our local football."

Fadzrie also praised the Malaysian FA for reintroducing foreign imports, as it makes the league more intense, saying: “With the reintroduction of foreign players, the quality of our league improves plus it gives opportunity for the fans to come see some of these exciting players add flavor to our league.

“Francis Doe, Bosko Balaban and Michael Nicoise are just some of the players who have stamped their mark on the Super League so quickly, and there will be more to follow them.

"The quality of these players will also rub off on the local lads who will be eager to equally impress the fans and coaches with their talent.”

Fadzrie added the participation of the LionsXII has added excitement to the Super League and it rekindles the friendly rivalry of yesteryears.

“Players such as Shaiful Esah, Safuan Baharuddin and Haris Harun are proving even a small nation such as Singapore can produce such quality players and their presence will definitely inspire our national players to give their all, be it in club or country level," he told Malaysia.

Fadzrie also sees a lot of potential in some of the local talents, and foresees them to become world beaters in the future.

“Wan Zack Haikal is one of our brightest prodigies as of now," he said, praising the Harimau Muda winger.

"He has great technical ability, fantastic close control and the confidence of a star. Shahrul Azwari and Gary Steven Robbat are also fantastic players, if honed rightfully these boys will become the future success of our country."

Fadzrie also paid special tribute to Nazmi Faiz, who signed for Portuguese club Beira-Mar recently.

"Nazmi is a special talent, and he will only get better with time. With the right guidance and exposure, Malaysia could very well have its first global superstar on the football map". 

The former Berita Harian reporter also has some advice for the local fans.

“Do not berate our local players or coaches without knowing the true situation of our problem," he warned.

"Our world ranking definitely does not reflect our strength as a country and I assure you, knowing the players and gaffers they are doing everything they can to improve the standard of our football."