'Hopefully we can reach the final' - V.Sundramoorthy after the 3-1 win over PKNS

The LionsXII coach was pragmatic after his side recorded their first win in the Malaysia Cup
Selangor PKNS FC coach Haji Abdul Rahman Ibrahim felt that his team could have ended the game with a more positive outcome but nevertheless believed that they had performed better, compared to their previous outing against LionsXII in the league campaign.

“There is no denying that LionsXII were the better team tonight, but I still think that we deserved a better result than this," said the PKNS coach.

"The league game we lost 5-0 to LionsXII but today we only lost 3-1 and it is a totally different game. We have definitely improved a lot from the last game.

“We managed to organise ourselves but we lost to a more mature LionsXII team. The difference in this game was the level of experience in LionsXII as compared to our team.

“LionsXII played quality balls into the penalty box, they did not play for the far post but sent the crosses to the near post and across the face of the goalkeeper. This makes it difficult for the goalkeeper to judge and save the ball.”

Abdul Rahman also gave his frank assessment of LionsXII's chances in the Malaysia Cup and said that there was still lot that needs to be done if Sundram were to dream of an appearance in the finals.

“LionsXII would have no problem qualifying for the quarter-finals and maybe the semi-finals. But to be champions, it would be a tough order. LionsXII have to improve another 20% to 30% and double their performance if they are to win the Cup.”

LionsXII coach Sundramoorthy was honest with his words as he echoed the sentiments of his opposite number.
“It was always going to be difficult because the players had just returned from the fasting month and this was only the second game," said Sundram.

"It's good to get the three points. But they will only get better with each cup game.

“We will go back and have a good rest and prepare for the next game. I feel that by the quarter-final stage, the players will be at their best. So hopefully we can reach the final.”

After seeing how his players had finally been able to register their name on the scoresheet after he reverted to a two-striker strategy, Sundram pointed out that the main point was for his players to be clinical in front of goal.

“We have to analyse the opponents and see the strengths and weaknesses of the opponents and come out with a game plan. Playing with two strikers is always good but then again the important thing is to hit the back of the net.”