Hodgson looking to build bridges on Manaus visit

The England manager has travelled to the edge of the Amazon to smooth relations after offending the city's mayor in the run-up to the World Cup draw
With four months until England begin their World Cup campaign against Italy, Roy Hodgson has flown to Brazil to build bridges with the people of Manaus.

Prior to the draw for the finals Hodgson described the city as ideally "a place to avoid" because of its hot and humid climate and the fact it is a four-hour flight from England's base in Rio.

Arthur Virgilio Neto, mayor of Manaus, took offence and called Hodgson "uneducated" before insisting England were "not welcome" in his city.

And the Three Lions boss was forced to eat his words when the draw condemned his side to face Italy in their Group D opener at the Arena Amazonia before taking on Uruguay and Costa Rica.

Since then the Football Association have taken steps to make amends, with Hodgson writing to Neto to make clear that he is looking forward to kicking off England's World Cup campaign in Manaus.

And the charm offensive appears to have worked, with Neto telling Sky News that the episode was nothing more than a "misunderstanding", and stressing he is looking forward to hosting England.

                   Bridging the gap |  Hodgson goes to great lengths to charm Manaus (Getty/The FA)

   Enjoying the view | Hodgson surveys the landscape ahead of his World Cup opener (Getty/The FA)

                               Sign da Ting |  Hodgson leaves some momentos (Getty/The FA)

As part of the trip, Hodgson took in the most famous building in Manaus, the Amazon Theatre, an opera house which was built in 1984.

It is the stand-out, man-made attraction in the city and will be one to visit for sight-seers and football fans alike this summer.

Also high one the list of attractions is where the Solimoes and the Negro rivers run together. The muddy, tan-colored waters of the Solimoes meet the black water of the Rio Negro, but rather than merging into one colour, the two appear to run alongside each other.

On the lookout | Hodgson hopes his side will sing from the same sheet against Italy (Getty/The FA)

History lesson |  Hodgson learns about Manaus' most famous building (Getty/The FA)

Man about town | The England boss goes walkabout in the middle of the Amazon (Getty/The FA)

A night at the round table | Hodgson and Adrian Bevington plot England's World Cup path (Getty/The FA)