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The England captain believes the increased pressure on modern managers to achieve success quickly is leading to hesitance to blood local talent across the country

England captain Steven Gerrard believes it is harder than ever for young English talent to make a mark in football due to the influx of foreign imports.

FA chairman Greg Dyke recently referred to English football as "a tanker that needs turning" amidst concerns regarding the purchasing of overseas talent, with a knock-on effect being detrimental to the Three Lions.

Financial firm Deloitte released figures showing that only £60 million of the £630m gross transfer spending by Premier League clubs this summer was on English players, and Gerrard feels short-termism is leading to managers unwilling to blood local talent.

"Managers are only ever eight to 10 days away from the sack so to take risks on unknown young players is difficult," he told the BBC.

"I mean Brendan Rodgers has been fantastic at [Liverpool] because he's been brave and he's given young players a chance.

"But there's no two ways about it, it's a lot more difficult to break through nowadays because of the standard of players and because there is a lot more foreigners about."