Chelsea can win 'many titles' next season – Oscar

The young midfielder is excited about his swift progress at Stamford Bridge and explains how his approach to referees has had to adapt from Brazil to the Premier League
Chelsea starlet Oscar believes that the club "can win many titles next season".

The 21-year-old is excited about the task of improving upon a "great" first campaign in Blues colours, having featured in a mammoth 64 games on his way to lifting the Europa League.

"I think my time at Chelsea has been great so far," he enthused to The Green Soccer Journal.


"It is my first year in Europe and I was the player with the most appearances for the club, I think. I was involved in every single match. Not too bad for the first season, is it?

"My goals are to keep doing my job for Chelsea and improve [on] what I've done. If I manage to play better, with the help of my team-mates, I think we can win many titles next season."

While the quick, physical nature of the Premier League has come as no surprise, Oscar admits that his approach to officials has had to change.

"I used to watch English football on TV when I was younger in Brazil. I already knew it was a dynamic, competitive and fast way of playing," he observed. "When I got here, I just confirmed all of that. I think I am already adapted to the English game.

"I have changed my behaviour on the pitch in England. Here referees talk to the players all the time. I think it is nice. In Brazil, we have the culture to try to conquer the refs. Here, that is no way to behave.

"In the Premier League, they don't give a foul even when it is a foul. We can't dive or pretend things. I stopped doing it.

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"[Ryan] Giggs didn't like it when I put my hand up showing the referee [one of] their players deserved a card. There was no way I could avoid it. It was a clear foul.

"To show a card and tell my opinion to the referee is not something unfair. The respect here between the players is huge and also between players and referees. I don't think I was disrespectful that time."

The Chelsea star admits that the presence of other Brazilian players at Stamford Bridge has been a big factor in his acclimatisation, with the city of London itself an advantage as well.

"Myself, David Luiz, Ramires and Lucas Piazon are very close to each other," he added, "really close indeed. We are building a strong friendship.

"Of course, this is quite helpful for all of us on and off the pitch. At least once a week, we have lunch or dinner together. Our families are always together as well. It is really important I have them around.

"I feel lucky to have come to London as my first home in Europe. Here is just easy to settle down. You can find whatever you like to do. I don't even wish to go to Brazil for holidays – but, during the winter, I miss Brazil a lot."

Oscar was speaking to The Green Soccer Journal.