Bellamy lifts lid on Mancini tenure at Manchester City

In extracts from his newly published autobiography, the Cardiff striker has revealed his version of events from his time in Manchester and his relationship with the Italian
Craig Bellamy has revealed the tensions within the dressing room at Manchester City under former manager Roberto Mancini's tenure at the club.

Bellamy, a Mark Hughes signing in January 2009, was at the club for a matter of months under Mancini before leaving for Cardiff City, but it was a turbulent time for the Welshman.

Disagreements and tensions between Bellamy and Mancini saw the former depart the club but now, with revelations about the Italian's lack of man-management skills being brought to the fore, Bellamy has spoken out about the pair's relationship.

"The atmosphere at the club quickly became tense under Roberto," Bellamy reveals in his autobiography Goodfella.

"The mood changed. He was not worried whether players liked him or not. It was of no interest to him.

"You could walk past him and he would not even say hello. Brian Kidd was brought in to be the good cop. But he didn’t really have much of a line in to Roberto. He had no say whatsoever, from what I could see.

"It didn’t take long for a little friction to build between me and Roberto. He couldn’t understand why I didn’t train every day.

"He said I had to train every day. I told him I couldn’t because of my injury history. He said I had to do double sessions –  morning and afternoon – and I told him I couldn’t.

"If I do two sessions, I put too much stress on my hamstrings. I am an explosive player. He shook his head. He said in Italy, you have to train all the time.

"It was frustrating. I had been doing so well. I had felt so comfortable with my routine and it had been getting the best out of me. Now Roberto wanted to change it.

"He called me into his office for a meeting with him, his fitness coach and the club doctor. He was confrontational from the start. 'Is it okay for you to be out for two weeks and think you can decide what you are doing?' he said.

"'I am sticking to my programme, that’s all,' I said. 'It has kept me fit all season and I don’t want to risk being injured now.'"

Despite the revelations about the issues regarding his coaching style, Mancini won the FA Cup and the Premier League in a successful three-and-a-half year spell with the club.

He also remains popular with the fans, who recently paid for an advert thanking Mancini in Italian sports newspaper Gazzetta Dello Sport.