Darren Ferguson promises Sir Alex will not interfere with David Moyes' Manchester United

As the Red Devils prepare to say goodbye to their manager of 27 years, the Scot's son promises his father will keep his distance despite being a director and enjoy his retirement
Darren Ferguson has promised his father, Sir Alex Ferguson, will stay clear of David Moyes' Manchester United squad.

The Everton manager, who will take over from Sir Alex at the end of the season on a six-year contract, had been touted as a possible replacement for the Scot, and the Peterborough boss says his father will play no role in future matters on the pitch.

"He'll not be in the dressing room with David Moyes, he'll keep well away from that situation," Ferguson Jnr told twentyfour7football. "He's had enough impact on who the manager will be, I think. But listen, it's Man United, they'll be fine."

Ferguson Jnr also shed light on what many thought was Sir Alex's rather sudden decision, explaining it was something he had been considering for some time and had spoke about, in depth, with his family.

"It's been in the back of his mind and we've dealt with it as a family – he's adamant this time.

"He spoke to us, he felt it was the right time. We all sort of abided by that, there were no issues."

When asked whether the decision had been impacted in some part by Sir Alex's health, the Peterborough boss was quick to nonsense such reports.

He added: "There's no problem with his health, contrary to what some people are saying. He's got a small hip operation but that's no different to most 71-year-olds there and so it's not a health decision.

"Basically he feels he's gone out at the right time. He's left the club in a fantastic position, very healthy... they've hired a very good manager to replace him."