Platini: Tottenham have not been unfairly punished

The 56-year-old insists the north London knew the danger they faced when they finished fourth with Chelsea in Champions League final, but did suggest that the rules may be altered

Uefa president Michel Platini has rejected suggestions that Tottenham have been unfairly punished for Chelsea's Champions League success by missing out on next season’s competition, but hinted that the rules could change in future.

Boss Harry Redknapp slammed the ruling as “unfair” after his side missed out on qualifying for the competition due to the Blues success against Bayern Munich last Saturday, despite Spurs finishing fourth in the Premier League.

The 65-year-old added that the governing body should allow five clubs from one country to compete in the tournament in the circumstances, but Uefa changed the ruling in 2005 when Liverpool also won the Champions League but finished fifth.

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"No, they [Tottenham] have not been punished. They know the rules; they should have been third and not fourth,” insisted Platini at a Fifa congress in Budapest.

"Perhaps it could be for discussion in the future about the participation of more than four but for the moment it is not possible because the regulations are for four.

“It is the matter of the executive committee, a matter for discussion.”

However, Platini did concede that Uefa would be prepared to review the regulation, although no changes to the competition are permitted for at least another three years.

“We can always change the rules. We can always discuss the rules, but not during the competition,” he added.

"We have decided not to change the rules or regulations of the competition for three years.

"Everything can be discussed, the rules, yellow cards, but not during the competition. Perhaps in the next executive committee we can speak about it. I can put that, but they may say no."