Dalglish blasts 'bad attitude' of his Liverpool squad as they crumble in Fulham defeat

The 61-year-old struggles to find any positives after the 1-0 loss at Anfield, before slamming his players' inadequate mentality ahead of this weekend's FA Cup final
Liverpool boss Kenny Dalglish has slammed the "bad attitude" from his players after falling to a 1-0 defeat at the hands of Fulham.

Martin Skrtel scored the decisive own goal in just the fifth minute of the game, consigning the Merseyside club to their 13th defeat in the Premier League and the west London club's first ever win at Anfield.

And the Red's boss was hard-pushed to find anything positive to take from the game, as his side struggled to get any kind of foothold on the match and mount a comeback.

"I wasn’t damning. I think it [the match] was an accurate appraisal," Dalglish told reporters.

"[The players'] attitude wasn’t right and if you go in with a bad attitude you’re going to get bad performances and that’s what we got.

"I'm culpable as well because I changed the players to try and give everybody an opportunity to get in the frame for Saturday so I suppose by doing that that was a contributory factor to what happened.

There were one or two positives but as I say there were too many negatives. If you go into a game with a bad attitude you’re going to get nothing and that’s what we deserve, nothing.

"It’s just not right, it’s not correct to go about your work that way."

Yet he was also quick to take some of the blame after making the decision to rest a few of his key players ahead of this weekend's FA Cup final clash at Wembley.

He added: "It won’t affect Saturday but that doesn’t mean to say it’s right for tonight. It’s not something that you would dismiss or you want to dismiss easily.

"If we’d have come in here and won 4-0 it wouldn’t have made any difference for Saturday."

Meanwhile, Fulham's first-team coach Billy McKinlay cut a stark contrast to the woes of the opposing manager, hailing his team's performance and the players' work ethic, as they finally broke the curse of Anfield.

"Many things pleased me tonight," McKinlay said.

"The performance first and foremost, the result is a consequence of that and I think we started the game quite well.

"The response for Saturday’s poor performance was evident and all credit to the players I think they’re the ones that deserve the plaudits.

"I don’t really worry about history or statistics much, the shape of the team was good, the players’ work ethic was terrific and I couldn’t be more pleased.

"Everything that could have gone wrong on Saturday [a 4-0 defeat at Everton] went wrong, in all aspects of the game. I think I said after the game that we couldn’t really hold our hand up and say we were pleased with any one side of the game.

"We want to progress and build on our good performances over the last three or four years; two games to go, six points that’s a target to push us as high up the league as possible."