'Very proud' Roy Hodgson calls on England fans to back him

The West Brom boss has been unveiled by the Football Association as the new national team coach, with the 64-year-old signing a four-year contract with the Three Lions
Roy Hodgson says that England are eyeing Euro 2012 glory after being unveiled as their new national manager.

The 64-year-old will leave his post at West Brom after their final two league games and revealed his pride after being named as Fabio Capello’s successor, hoping that fans will support him in his new role.

Speaking at his unveiling on Tuesday, Hodgson told reporters: “It's a very proud day for me, I'm a very happy man to have been offered the chance to manage my country. I'm looking forward to the task ahead, everybody knows it's not an easy one.

“But I'm also hoping that everybody - the fans, the supporters, everybody within the country - will get behind the team, because it's the team that counts, it's the team that will win us matches, and I'll do my very best to make sure the team is as well prepared as possible for the task that lies ahead.

5/2 Roy Hodgson is 5/2 with William Hill to see out his contract by leaving the England job in 2016
“I'm grateful for the chance to be the manager of England and I'm looking forward to the task ahead.

"I think we've always got to go to tournaments to win them because we're a major football nation.

“It's never going to be easy and it's going to be a little more difficult on this occasion because the man who qualified the team has left the team and I've come in to take over at a very late stage.

"But I certainly think the players would be disappointed if we expected anything less of them than an attempt to win a tournament."

Hodgson penned a four-year contract after landing the role ahead of bookies' favourite Harry Redknapp and, although he has acknowledged that he faces a challenge picking his squad for next month’s Euro 2012, he is hopeful of succeeding.

He added: "It's going to be difficult, but hopefully I've got time on my hands to think about it and to make decisions that are necessary.

“Obviously I've been working in the country now for the last five years so all of the players are pretty well known to me even though I haven't worked with that many of them.

“It's going to be important for me after this press conference to get straight down to the task, of making it certain that when the time comes to announce the squad - which we're likely to put back as a matter of fact until after the last game of the season - that I've done as much research as I can and spoken to as many players as I possibly can."

"It's never going to be easy but I think the players would be disappointed if we expected anything less than an attempt to win the tournament"
- Hodgson on Euro 2012

Despite enduring a tough six-month spell in charge of Liverpool, Hodgson feels ready for any fresh criticism, declaring: "I'm prepared. I took it at Liverpool and I'll take it here. As far as I'm concerned Liverpool's a chapter in the past.

“I'm looking very much forward. It's been a while now since I left the club, a lot has happened since that time and as far as I'm concerned there's no point in thinking too much about the past. I'm very concentrated on the future.

“There are lots of other episodes in my past I could concentrate on if I wanted to which perhaps would put a bigger smile on my face."

8/1 England are 8/1 with William Hill to be win Euro 2012
The 64-year-old also admits that he will face more scrutiny than ever before, put pointed to his past experience as a help in that regard.

"I understand that, although Inter, I would submit, wasn't exactly too easy when it came to scrutiny and the size of the club," he noted.

"But I agree, we all know that the England manager's job is the pinnacle of success for every England manager certainly and we also know it brings with it a lot of scrutiny, a lot of criticism and I've got to be prepared for that."

Regarding the process of his appointment, Hodgson is happy with the way in which the FA set about convincing him to take over the role.

He continued: “They have gone through a very due process of trying to find the person that they think is the right man for the job. They convinced me yesterday that their choice was myself and they wanted me to take it on.

"So basically I'm now expecting everyone in England to support their English football team and hoping they get behind myself and the team because all we can do is the best we can in the coming Euros and ahead to give England the type of successful football team we've been really hoping for since 1966."