Mystery Premier League club fail in big-money Sergio Ramos bid

The Spain international has two years left on his current contract and an unnamed English club recently tried to take advantage by approaching his agent with a mammoth offer
An unnamed Premier League club recently failed with a big-money move for Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos, according to the player's agent.

Ramos has two years left on his current contract at the Santiago Bernabeu and, as yet, there have been no talks over a renewel.

And Rene Ramos, the centre-back's brother and representative, says that he rejected an approach from England in recent months.

"Out of respect to the club I will only say that they are English,"he told Marca.

"The offers are very, very big in economical terms, but we are at the club we want to be at. The best in the world.

"So, more than once, I had to say “Thanks very much for your interest, but no”. I reiterate, right now, leaving Real Madrid is a non-starter."

Rene Ramos is also calm about the prospect of a new deal for his brother, saying the Madrid president will make an offer when he sees fit: "I don’t decide that, it’s not my decision," he added.

"Florentino Perez would have to answer that. They are two years left, [Perez] will call when the time is right and when that happens I’ll be there, like before. But I’ve never asked for a renewal.

"The renewal topic has done a lot of harm, it has caused problems. We have not asked for any new deal. There are two years to go. It’s certain that Sergio, as he’s no longer a kid, although at home we call him a kid, is not affected at all by this."