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The former USA captain had reportedly been signed on to head the Azkals, but the Philippine Football Federation subsequently stated that no deal has been agreed yet

Is Thomas Dooley the new head coach of the Philippines? There has been confusion over his appointment after his installment appeared to have been confirmed, before it was then denied by the football authorities.

The 52-year-old was revealed to be in the running to take over German Michael Weiss earlier last month, with team manager Dan Palami confirming that the former USA captain would hold discussions with the Philippines Football Federation (PFF).

Last Friday, the official Twitter account of the national team posted an update stating that Dooley had been appointed as the Azkals' new man in charge, with Palami tweeting an hour later that the appointment would "bring the team to another level".

But less than 20 minutes later, Palami tweeted again to say that Dooley had yet to be signed on.

"To be clear, final negotiations re terms of contract is still ongoing, but will be finalised when he arrives next week and meet with PFF," he clarified.

The next day, PFF president Mariano Araneta Jr. denied any deal had been signed as well.

“The PFF general secretary will make the official announcement, not any Azkals foundation or anything,” he said, according to The Philippine Star.

PFF general secretary Ed Gastanes also told the Philippine Daily Inquirer that they "have not appointed any coach yet".

There is no sign of an announcement on the PFF official website as well.

However, Dooley appears convinced that it's simply a matter of time before he takes on the Azkals role officially, having already listed his occupation on LinkedIn as "Men's Head Coach Philippine Football Federation".

Dooley's appointment is expected to be finalised next week, with the Philippines looking to gear up for the AFC Challenge Cup in May.

The Azkals have confirmed friendlies against Malaysia (away) and Azerbaijan (away in Dubai, UAE) on March 1 and 5 respectively as part of preparations for the tournament in Maldives.