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Kelantan captain, Badhri Radzi admitted that he has received five new offers from clubs in the M-League, but his focus is solely on winning the 2013 Malaysia Cup

Kelantan’s captain marvel Badhri Radzi reportedly received five offers from M-League sides for him to play with them next season.

Badhri, also known as Piya, admitted that he has received the offers but refused to make any decision while Kelantan is still in need of his service.

According to Sinar Harian, the 31-year-old said: "Yes, five teams have offered me to play for them for next season.

"However, since the 2013 Malaysia Cup campaign is still going on, I think it is best for me remain quiet about it.

"Issues regarding a move to another club are things that I want to put aside first.

"My focus is on winning the Malaysia Cup and bringing the trophy back to Kota Bharu."

Rumour has it that three Malaysian Super League teams; Selangor, Terengganu and T-Team, including Premier League clubs; Felda United and PDRM are ready to offer the midfield maestro a lucrative deal for him to play with them.

Seeing that Badhri still haven't renewed his contract with Kelantan, this news has added more heat on the Kelantan skipper.