Adams: Foreign talent is sending England into 'oblivion'

The former Three Lions skipper believes the influx of overseas players to the Premier League has a detrimental effect on the production and development of young English players
Former England and Arsenal captain Tony Adams has hit out at the detrimental effect foreign imports are having on the development of young English players in the Premier League.

Around £570 million was spent on overseas players this summer, while not a single top-six side recruited an English player during the window.

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Adams has become concerned about the future of the national team as a result, and says the Three Lions are heading for "oblivion" if clubs cannot find a way to nurture English talent.

"I used to think that top-class foreign talent would have a positive effect on our young English players, that they would improve rubbing shoulders with them," Adams told

"However, the reverse has become true, it has had an adverse effect. Buying up all this foreign talent is like buying the England team a ticket to oblivion.

"Unfortunately the young English talent has not come through and I'm worrying that they have become swamped by the sheer volume of foreign imports.

"We need the young talent to emerge and gain vast experience in the Champions League, but we now only have a smattering of English players in the Premier League, it's 36 per cent, but I think it will soon be down to 25 per cent."