Irfan Bachdim buys himself out from Persema

The Indonesian winger has decided to forgo eight months salary in order to leave the club and complete his move to Thai side Chonburi FC
Chonburi had announced the signing of the Dutch-born Indonesian international on a free transfer late last month, but that sparked a response from Persema who stated that the player was still under contract.

Irfan’s agent and brother Fardy then claimed that his sibling was definitely a free agent as Persema had not paid his salary for eight months, but Persema CEO Didied Affandi refuted this as well.

However, it seems that the tension between Irfan and Persema has lessened following a meeting where both sides appeared to come to a compromise.

“To allow myself to play with Chonburi, I am okay to abandon my unpaid [salary],” Irfan stated.

“As I told [the media] before, my move to this club [Chonburi] is not about money, but to step up to the higher level [of football].”