Persema Malang CEO: What Irfan said about his salary being unpaid is completely false

After much confusion on the issue of Irfan Bachdim’s unpaid wages, Persema Malang’s CEO speaks out in a exclusive

Irfan Bachdim was recently involved in a wage row with his former club Persema Malang. The 24-year-old sent out tweets saying that he had not been paid for over eight months while under contract with the Indonesian club.

The former Ajax youth player, through his agent Fardy Bachdim, who is also his brother, rolled out the papers for a free transfer to Thai Premier League (TPL) side Chonburi FC. Referencing an article regarding 'Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players' in the FIFA guidelines, they argued Irfan should be allowed to leave the club on a free transfer.

However, CEO of Persema Malang Didied Affandi, in a exclusive, felt that the Bachdim brothers are making a mistake.

Making allusions to the same article Affandi said: “Irfan is still contracted by Persema. According to the FIFA guideline, if a club is interested in a contracted player, the two clubs must communicate with each other.”

The CEO also debunked the player’s claims that Persema Malang failed to pay his wages for eight months. He stated that the last time they paid him was in December 2012.

“When the season finished, Persema already paid all the players' wages, and a few received contract terminations. Other than that, what Irfan said about his salary being unpaid is completely false,” he said.

Affandi mentioned that Irfan may have been referring to the fact that several clubs, Persema, Persijap, Persebaya, PSMS and others in the Indonesian Premier League had not paid their writers on time which resulted in the Consortium terminating some players’ contracts.

The clubs only paid these players two months of their salaries - the previous months’ wages were eliminated and were also given the option to wait for the full payment.

Persema Malang’s Assistant manager Dito Arief also spoke to and said that he’s happy that Irfan is wanted by another club.

With regards to the transfer issues, Arief said: “Realistically speaking, it's difficult for us to keep Irfan here with his current wages. I only want Irfan's transfer to be solved (in) good faith.

“At least there should be communication between him and the club.”

Irfan is now under a one-year contract with Chonburi FC. The new 2013 TPL season begins on 2 March.