Nuriah happy with acknowledgement of women footballers

The H2O/ITE Dream Team forward, who is a nominee for Women's Player of the Year, praised the Goal Singapore Football Awards for recognising their contribution to the sport here

Goal Singapore recently introduced the Goal Singapore Football Awards, the first annual all-inclusive initiative that serves to recognise the best in local football.

Apart from the men, the ladies have not been forgotten with the inclusion of a Women's Player of the Year category, in a nod to the local women's football scene.

Such an initiative has pleased H2O/ITE Dream Team forward Nuriah Noor, who is one of the six nominees vying for the accolade.

She believes that all six players deserve their nominations, but is happier that women's football here as a whole is being recognised with the introduction of such an award.

"To be honest, I am just really pleased that there is a certain award given to women footballers," Nuriah told Goal Singapore.

Nuriah was involved in the FAS Women's Challenge Cup final over the weekend, where she managed to score the equaliser in a 4-1 loss for her Dream Team to Young Women

That demonstrated the potential of women's football here, with the Dream Team having only been formed earlier this year, and Nuriah feels that it is high time the sport is put in the limelight.

"Women's football has existed in Singapore for a long time, but we have not been given much acknowledgement for our games or our achievements, so I am really pleased!" she enthused.

The five winners of the public voting in each category have been unveiled, with a panel of judges set to meet this Friday for Round 2 and 3 of voting. The eventual winners will be unveiled on Sunday, December 8.

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