Sabella's daughter says Messi 'lacks heart' for country

The 58-year-old's daughter has accused the Argentina star in lacking "heart" due to a failure to perform for country as he continues to do for club
The daughter of Argentina boss Alejandro Sabella has criticised Lionel Messi for a lack of effort while on international duty in contrast with his performances at club level.

The 25-year-old has not replicated his record-breaking form for Barcelona when it comes to performing on the international stage.

And it has prompted some to question his dedication to Argentina, while others have questioned his effectiveness without the presence of his Liga team-mates.

Speaking to Radio Del Plata, Vanessa Sabella claimed Messi lacks "heart" and has urged the star to strike the balance required to scale the heights for country as he does for club.

“I will not deny that he is a skilled player who has broken many records," she said.

"He is the best player in the world and never plays badly, but he still lacks some heart [for Argentina]."