Word on the Tweet: Odemwingie counting the pennies after deadline day fiasco

Also, Twitter honours the Bubsy Babes 55 years on, Ashley Cole gets all the plaudits ahead of his 100th international cap and Rio Ferdinand bemoans an early start
For once, the discourse on Twitter over the past 24 hours has been dominated by talk of more worthy subjects.

Be it touching tributes on the 55th anniversary of the Munich air disaster, or England legend Ashley Cole's 100th cap - there are plenty of heartfelt, sincere tweets doing the rounds.

Don't worry though, wantaway West Brom striker Peter Odemwingie is here to ensure that out-of-touch footballers don't go and ruin things by making good names for themselves.

From broken noses and holidays to houses prices in Aberdeen, you'll find all this and more in Wednesday's edition of Word on the Tweet...

"'Fine and dandy: Peter Odemwingie WON'T have West Brom salary docked over transfer deadline-day farce' … if true I am happy"
Following the collapse of a potentially lucrative move to QPR, Peter Odemwingie rejoices over the fact that he might not have to take yet another financial hit. Money money money.

"Whatever you think of Ashley cole off the pitch shouldn't deter the fact he is class on it... 100 caps is an unbelievable achievement"
Oh that's nice. Ahead of Ashley Cole's 100th international cap against Brazil, Liverpool legend Robbie Fowler takes the time to give the most back-handed compliment ever to the Chelsea full-back.

"Congratulations to @TheRealAC3 on winning his 100th cap. One of the golden generation that always delivered in tournaments. Top player!"
Awh look, Gary Lineker is getting in on the act too. Isn't Twitter such a lovely place when we all get along.

"Congrats 2 my brotha @TheRealAC3 on your 100caps proud of you bro!! #100notout #salute #Legend bless #BunchOfCaps lololl"
Well, well, well, isn't Ashley a popular boy this morning? QPR midfielder, and Cole's former Chelsea and England team-mate Shaun Wright-Phillips is the latest player to pay tribute to the Three Lions centurion.

"Congrats to the greatest left Back England has ever produced. @TheRealAC3 100 caps and still over lapping for fun. #legend"
Oh come on now, this is getting boring. Yes we get it, Ashley is a fine footballer, but you're multi-million pound footballers. I'm sure you all have mobile phones. Doesn't anyone text anymore? Another former Chelsea team-mate pays tribute to Cole, this time it's Fulham's Steve Sidwell.

"Congratulations to @TheRealAC3 for making his 100th cap tonight for England! What an achievement!"
Give me strength, Ashley won't know what to do with himself. He'll be quite confused getting all these nice mentions as opposed to the usual abuse. Enough of the love-in please. Josh McEachran, you're still a Chelsea player, just text the boy. Nice gesture though. Not quite in the Lineker or Fowler league but still nice.

"My little girl screaming "Daaaaaaad... Daaaaaaad" at 6:01am is not the kind of alarm clock you can push off the side table + turn over from!!"
Ah thank you Rio Ferdinand, someone who realises today isn't just about Ashley Cole. Though I doubt Manchester United defender is likely to want to wish his Chelsea counter-part and friend of former England captain John Terry well. Especially not when he's Mr grumpy guts after being woken up at 6 o'clock this morning.

"Remembrance for the #MunichDisaster / anniversary today 06/02/1958. #BusbyBabes"
Rio Ferdinand remembers those who died in the Munich Air Disaster 55 years ago today.

"Just found out Aberdeen is the 3rd most expensive place in property market ....... Is that true ?"
Norwich City's Robert Snodgrass clearly hasn't been to Aberdeen recently.

"Thank you all for the messages. My nose looks better already. I'll look like "demba ba" again very soon lol"
As opposed to what exactly? Chelsea striker Demba Ba seems to forget that broken nose or not, he still is, was and always will be Demba Ba.

"Honestly Hope Ryanair Go Under Quickly!€60 to cancel ur boarding card!To cancel themmm push the cancel button and it costs €60 #Robbery"
Reading striker Noel Hunt complaining about €60. Really Noel, now I know your wages are paid in a different currency to what you're used to, your contract is up at the end of the season and you're not currently getting your appearance bonuses thanks to a certain Mr Le Fondre, but I'm pretty sure you can spare €60 from however many thousands of pounds a week it is you earn.

"Meeting with our wonderful exec chairman been cancelled #surprisesurprise #somethingtohidenicola"
Southampton executive chairman Nicola Cortese finds yet another way to upset club legend Matthew Le Tisser. I'd be careful if I were you Nicola, upset Le Tiss too much and he might sit on you!