Extra Time: Ronaldo to return to school

The World Cup-winner is coming to the UK to study marketing for two years while undergoing a work placement, having expressed his desire to go back into education

Brazilian icon Ronaldo is set become a student in the UK within the next month.

South American magazine Veja magazine claims that one of the most famous professional footballers of the modern era has opted to study advertising on foreign shores for two years, with the home of football itself his chosen destination.

If the image of Ronaldo attending freshers' parties or playing pub golf disturbs you somewhat, then it might calm you to hear that he is also supposed to have a work placement at Sir Martin Sorrel's London-based communication company, WPP, to keep him preoccupied.

And what if his new workplace or place of studying have a football team? Will Ronaldo bring out the silky Samba skills, or do you think he is more reserved in his trickery now that he has retired from the beautiful game?

The former Real Madrid striker's spokesperson confirmed to the Daily Mail: "He intends to go to England, which he will receive advice and guidance from Mr Sorrell, who's the head of the world's largest advertising company."

Ronaldo is no newbie in the world of advertising, however, having run his own sports marketing agency - 9ine - for the past two years.

Extra Time suspects he will take some time off in the summer of 2014 to go back to Brazil with the World Cup coming to town, particularly given his two-goal heroics in the final of Selecao's most recent triumph in the competition 11 years ago.