Blatter told me I succeeded where Qaddafi failed, says Platini

The president of Fifa has praised his Uefa counterpart for his efforts to change the format of the European finals, which will be hosted by several cities across Europe in 2020
Sepp Blatter has congratulated Michel Platini for succeeding in his attempts to revamp the structure of the European Championship.

In 2020, the European finals will be hosted by a number of cities across the Continent as opposed to one or two countries staging the competition.

Blatter revealed that deceased Libyan dictator Muammar Qadaffi had a similar idea about the African Cup of Nations, but unlike Platini, he never managed to put his plans in motion.

"I got congratulations from the president of Fifa he said it is a marvellous idea," Platini told reporters.

"He said somebody wanted to do it in Africa a few years ago and it was Qaddafi.

"This is also an idea Mr. Qaddafi had some time ago, opening the Africa Cup of Nations to all of Africa."

The name of the host cities for Euro 2020 will be revealed in the close future.