Word on the Tweet: Owen's analysis, Hunt's despair, Nani's promise & delicious chicken

It appears that there is only one Portuguese chicken restaurant to be at these days, while Gary Lineker falls over and Florent Malouda gets his head down and carries on
After games in both the Premier League and Championship last night, the footballers of Britain have taken to Twitter express their joy or agony at the results.

As Noel Hunt tries to forget Reading's loss, many footballers appear to be waking up to the taste of Portuguese chicken and Gary Lineker is aching all over.

Confused? Looking for answers? You best read on then.

"Huge result for Villa. I rate Benteke, he looks decent. His goals will be vital as it could be a long season for them if he doesn't fire."
Michael Owen tears himself away from spending time staring at his facial hair in the mirror to react to Christian Benteke's late winner for Aston Villa last night by confirming that he does actually remember how vital goals are despite not netting one himself this year. 

"Just woke up!! I was hoping that was a nightmare I had last night!! But clearly not!!! Onto the next one now can't dwell in the past!!"
That's right Noel Hunt (pictured right), Reading did actually lose to Aston Villa last night. On TV. With many watching.

"Can't be anybody that falls down stairs (or even up them) as frequently as I do. Slow down old man. "
And to think Gary Lineker has the cheek to question Luis Suarez going to ground easily.

"Nandos #stomachisempty"
The diet of a footballer. I wonder how happy Paul Lambert would be if he bumped into Nathan Baker celebrating Aston Villa's win over Reading last night 'in style'.

"Fancy a nandos but think ill be on my own"
On-loan Fulham keeper David 'I have no friends' Stockdale must have just seen Nathan Baker's tweet.

"Great win for us! Needed that win! Now a nice Nandos then bed! "
Christ, they're all at it now. Josh McEachran following the trend. Is WOTT the only website-based Twitter round-up who doesn't get the hype? It's just chicken!

"So hungry"
May I suggest a Nandos? Ravel Morrison showing a hunger that obviously wasn't present during his time at Old Trafford.

"Just to say hi to all of you and that I will start posting more often"
Hi Nani, how are you? The Portugese international explains his absence from the social-networking site. Doesn't explain his anonymous on the pitch though.

"Training time now... "
Florent Malouda (pictured left) keeps us informed of his daily routine as a Chelsea reserve. And then...

"1st session done, getting ready for the next one. Feels good to be fit !!!"
Bet it would feel better to actually play though wouldn't it, Florent? Nice to see Malouda remaining in high spirits despite his first-team exile.