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The Aguila pair have been criticised for setting a bad example to children after a rather affectionate goal celebration, but 'Rolfi' believes that the uproar is unmerited

Club America star Daniel Montenegro has taken a light-hearted view of the 'kiss' scandal which has attracted the ire of the Mexican disciplinary authorities, stating that team-mates Cristian Benitez and Matias Vuoso just got caught up in the moment after a crucial goal.

The pair simulated an amorous embrace after the Ecuadorian netted during Sunday's 3-2 victory against Puebla, with Benitez's hand coming between the mouths of the pair following the winning strike.

The celebration has not amused Mexico's Disciplinary Commission, which stated that it set a poor example to children and threatened to prohibit such displays of affection in the future.

Speaking on Wednesday, however, 'Rolfi' laughed off the controversy around the celebration, and insisted that his team-mates' actions were not out of line.

"They love each other," the Argentine laughed to ESPN.

"These are things that happen in the heat of the moment, sometimes they are planned, sometimes they are not. It is the euphoria of the moment.

"I wouldn't do it, but these are personal tastes. You just have to laugh about it rather than pay too much attention, it is nothing too serious but at least they put a hand in the way!"

The weekend's victory put the Mexico City side up to second place in the Clausura, having already qualified for the play-off stage.