Arsenal's Park Chu-Young to extend European career after government agency defers his military service - report

The 26-year-old South Korean striker had been expected to have to serve his mandatory military service in the next 18 months but he has reportedly found a way out of it
South Korean superstar Park Chu-Young may yet have many years left in his European career after a government agency stated he could defer his compulsary national military service by 10 years.

The 26-year-old Arsenal striker had been expected to be forced to serve his two-year service in 2013, however the Military Manpower Administration (MMA) of South Korea has reportedly announced otherwise.

According to The Guardian, the MMA declared that Park's 10-year residency visa from his former club Monaco allows him to delay his military service until 2022.

Park, who has only managed six appearances for the Gunners since joining from Monaco last August, had previously indicated he could compete at the 2012 London Olympics in order to avoid his military duty.

It is understood, if Park was part of a Korea side which won an Olympic medal, he would be exempt from military service.

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