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Super League

  • July 14, 2012
  • • 19:45
  • • Jalan Besar Stadium, Singapore

Live Commentary

  • 90'
    That's it for the game and the season! The ref blows for full time!
  • 90'
    A show of frustration from Baihakki as he lunges into a tackle and is booked
  • 90'
    Yellow Card Baihakki Khaizan
  • 90'
    A long punt upfield nearly sees Bai get on the end of it, but it's the same story. Wide for a goal kick
  • 90'
    Will the Lions hit the back of the net in this game?
  • 90'
    JUST WIDE! Oh my goodness
  • 90'
    Mistake from Fernando as he heads it to the floor and loses his balance! Hariss collects it and pulls the trigger!
  • 90'
    Yellow Card Shahrizal Saad
  • 90'
    There's going to be 4 minutes of added time
  • 89'
    Hariss, with another of his surging runs as he beats 3 defenders to put in a great cross. Baihakki gets on the end of it! But heads it over!
  • 88'
    And the cross found none of them!
  • 88'
    There are at least 6 white shirts in the box!
  • 87'
    Some dubious tactics from Johor to waste time. Izuan is delaying the Lions' corner
  • 85'
    Hariss crosses it in! Johor gets in just in time to deny Khairul Nizam!
  • 84'
    There's a flick on from Shahdan but Sufian isn't able to turn his body to connect with it!
  • 83'
    Baihakki has joined the attack in open play. The Lions are looking really desperate
  • 82'
    Yellow Card Haris Safwan
  • 81'
    The final ball has been really lacking today. The crosses have not found many Lions players at all. When they do, it's always shot wide
  • 80'
    Irwan and Shahdan chase after a loose ball and manage to keep it play. Still Lions ball.
  • 79'
    Shaiful Esah makes a dreadful error as he miscues his clearance. He has to hustle the Johor player out of play
  • 78'
    Shahdan decides to take matters into his own hands as he lashes a volley from outside the area! Always going wide though
  • 77'
    He's closed down quickly but manages to lay it off to Yasir Hanapi! He fires but it's deflected
  • 77'
    Nizam retains on the right. He manages to play in Hariss!
  • 74'
    It's been set piece after set piece for the LionsXII but still nothing to show for it
  • 73'
    He fires it over!! That move really sums up the Lions' game tonight
  • 73'
    The corner is laid off to Yasir who lets fly! Zamir got a touch to it! Baihakki on the rebound!!
  • 72'
    Zamir punches it clear! It's gone out for another Lions corner
  • 71'
    Shaiful Esah wins a free kick on the left wing and it'll be Shahdan who puts it in
  • 70'
    it's Nizam again, stabbing the corner just wide. How long before he hits the back of the net?
  • 70'
    Haris Safwan takes it all the way into the Lions half but his shot is saved by Hyrul
  • 68'
    And that's offside from Sufian Anuar. The nippy forward moved a fraction too early
  • 67'
    Looks like another one of those games for the LionsXII. Lots of possession and quite a few chances and half chances but just no breakthrough.
  • 65'
    A nervy moment as Zamir nearly drops the ball in front of Baihakki but quickly gathers it up again
  • 63'
    SubstitutionYasir Hanapi Firdaus Kasman
  • 63'
    Khairul Nizam with another great chance! As he receives a cross as the near post. HIs flick on goes wide at the far post though
  • 62'
    Another good chance by Johor as Shahrizal nearly breaks through the defence. Sevki does just enough to nudge him off the ball.
  • 60'
    Hasni Zaidi goes down as he clashed with Khairul Nizam for a loose ball. He'll have to be stretchered off.
  • 60'
    Tempers flare as Sufian is shoved when Zamir rises to collect the cross. Teammates rush in to diffuse the situation
  • 59'
    Shaiful Esah swings in a hopeful cross and Irwan gets on it! head straight at the keeper!
  • 58'
    A bit of a scrappy patch as Lions get away with lacklustre defending
  • 55'
    Lions shifting the ball from side to side but Firdaus cross is claimed by Zamir
  • 53'
    Poor marking from Lions as they give Shahrizal a free header in the box. Straight at Hyrul though
  • 52'
    Shahdan curls it in and it's Hariss again but he heads it over!
  • 51'
    Johor's Ismail is penalized for a nudge on Sufian
  • 49'
    Nizam nearly gets on the end of a Hariss lob pass, but its just too far ahead of him. What an opportunity
  • 48'
    Hariss shaves the post as he meets the corner! LIons come close yet again!
  • 47'
    Pressure from Khairul Nizam forces Johor to clear behind for a corner. so far so effective
  • 46'
    Sundram makes a switch at half time, taking off the ineffective Khairul Amri and replacing him with Khairul Nizam
  • 45'
    SubstitutionKhairul Nizam Khairul Amri
  • 45'
    Lions kick off the second half!
  • LionsXII dominating in the first half with plenty of possession but it's Johor who have taken their chances
  • 45'
    And that will be the last touch of the ball for the first half!
  • 45'
    Johor clear and it falls to Hariss! But it's weak and Zamir collects it.
  • 45'
    Corner is cleared and Shahdan controls it. He puts it in...
  • 45'
    Another decent build up as Khairul Amri lays it off for Juma'at. Cross is blocked and its a corner
  • 45'
    Can the Lions pull one back in this half?
  • 45'
    The ball is played slightly behind Sufian which slowed down the move allowing Johor to get back in force
  • 44'
    Hyrulnizam and Lions launch the counter!
  • 43'
    Sebki is nearly caught out as he is closed down by a Haris Safwan. His last ditch clearance results in a Johor corner
  • 42'
    The resulting cross is cleared by Sevki Shaban
  • 42'
    Johor retain possession on the left through a throw-in
  • 40'
    Juma'at crosses into the box to the waving Sufian. It's headed just wide!
  • 39'
    Poor decision from Khairul Amri as he dwells on the ball and then gives it away
  • 37'
    The goal seems to have knocked the LionsXII off their stride some what. They're misplacing some passes and letting Johor take the game right to them
  • 37'
    Zamir claims a deflected pass but Lions collect his kick upfield
  • 33'
    A lack of composure there from the Lions winger. A split second more to measure it up could have seen that ball hit the back of the net
  • 33'
    The corner drops to Khairul Amri, who's wide open! He fires it over!
  • 32'
    It's another corner as Johor heads it behind
  • 32'
    The ball has been deflected out for yet another Lions corner
  • 31'
    Shaiful Esah puts into the box and Sufian gets in front of his defender! Over! So close to pulling level
  • 31'
    Shahdan spreads the play to Irwan who lays it off to Shaiful
  • 30'
    So close, Shaiful Esah's freekick bends wickedly but hits the upright! It goes straight up but Johor is able to get it away!
  • 29'
    Yellow Card Mohammad Khairul bin Ismail
  • 28'
    Lions look to answer right back as they win a freekick from 30 yards!
  • 28'
    On closer look, the shot took a deflection off Sevki and sends Hyrulnizam the wrong way
  • 27'
    Goal Shahrizal Saad
  • 27'
    GOAL for Johor! Shahrizal scores in as Jasazrin cuts it back.
  • 26'
    There's a tussle between Baihakki and the Johor defenders for the corner and Johor comes out on top
  • 25'
    Sufian Anuar cuts it back to Shahdan but his shot is deflected over the bar. Another corner.
  • 24'
    Syazwan getting some stick from the Singapore fans, every time he touches the ball, as they're not happy with his abrasive attitude
  • 23'
    Yellow Card Firdaus Kasman
  • 22'
    Khairul Amri tries a potshot but keeper Zamir sees it all the way
  • 21'
    Hariss and Shahdan try to link with each other, but it's intercepted and Johor come away with the ball
  • 20'
    A decent passage of play from the Lions as they shift the ball around on the left wing. Shaiful puts in a cross but it's cleared
  • 18'
    Johor's Syazwan gets a stern telling off from the ref after he barges into the back of Khairul Amri
  • 17'
    Hariss with a defence splitting pass to Sufian Anuar! But the flag is up!
  • 16'
    Irwan and Hariss exchange passes down the left. It's laid off and put into the box but there isn't a Lions player to get on the end of it
  • 14'
    Baihakki attacks the corner! Over!
  • 14'
    Another brilliant ball from Hariss finds Khairful Amri down the right. The winger plays it off a defender for another Lions corner
  • 13'
    It's goine out for a throw and Lions play it back as they look to rebuild from the back
  • 13'
    Sufian robs Johor of the ball in midfield and Lions look to counter!
  • 11'
    Johor's Syazwan makes a dashing run from his own half but is closed out by the Lions defenders
  • 9'
    In these opening exchanges, it's been all LionsXII so far. They have been tearing Johor apart with the attacking runs into space
  • 8'
    But Zamir Selamat comes out bravely to punch it away
  • 8'
    Firdaus wins a deep freekick on the right. Shaiful Esah puts it in!
  • 6'
    The corner is drifted in and Sufian almost gets on the end of the far post flick on. It hits the post! And Johor keeper smothers it
  • 5'
    The ball nearly drops to Sufian but Johor make a messy clearance!
  • 5'
    The Lions attack again, this time it's Shahdan spreading the play to Irwan again on the left.
  • 4'
    Irwan puts into the box but Sufian not able to get on the end of it.
  • 4'
    Great ball from Hariss as he plays a Pirlo-esque cross field pass to Irwan Shah on the left
  • 2'
    Khairul Amri goes to ground clutching his head after he did so well to flick on for Sufian Anuar
  • 1'
    Space opens up for Firdaus! But his long shot was always going wide
  • 1'
    Lions start off at a leisurely pace, passing the ball around
  • Johor FC kicks off the game!
  • Here come the teams! Get ready folks!
  • 15 more minutes to kick off! Jalan Besar definitely sounds ready for this final game!!
  • The LionsXII marches out for a their warm-up to a raucous welcome from the fans!
  • We're at Jalan Besar stadium on a damp Saturday night for the LionsXII final game of their MSL season!