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Super League

  • July 10, 2012
  • • 20:45
  • • Stadium Sultan Ismail Nasiruddin Shah, Kuala Terengganu

Live Commentary

  • 90'
    Sufian Anuar not able to get onto the long ball and the ref blows for full time!
  • 90'
    Time is running out for the Lions. There's not much time left perhaps a few more seconds for the red card
  • 90'
    Yellow/Red Faiz Subri
  • 90'
    NO...the ref has blown for simulation! And it's a straight red! what drama!
  • 90'
    Faiz dances into the box and goes down in the box!
  • 90'
    3 minutes of time to be added. Can the LionsXII get something out of this match?
  • 89'
    Taufiq tries to beat the T-Team defence but is dispossessed. T-Team hits a long ball for Faiz to chase
  • 89'
    Hyrul claims the deep cross and plays it out quickly to start a Lions attack
  • 87'
    SubstitutionMarco Tulio Fadzli Saari
  • 87'
    SubstitutionTaufiq Rahmat Gabriel Quak
  • 82'
    Luckily there isn't any T-Team up in support and Bai is able to win the ball back at the byline
  • 82'
    Fadli gets away from Baihakki! Poor positioning from the Lions skipper as he allows the striker to turn him.
  • 81'
    Irwan Shah lays it off to a charging Shaiful, but he isn't able to control it well and T-Team clear it out into touch
  • 80'
    This result suits T-Team as they look to pull away from their closest rivals PKNS, who are currently playing out a draw with Sarawak, and move out closer to safety
  • 79'
    Not much in the way of attacking play, the ball has been stuck in the midfield
  • 76'
    So close! Shaiful's freekick flies all the way to Syamsuri who didn't look at all prepared for it. Fortunately the ball bounces off his chest and falls into his hands
  • 74'
    A threatening break from T-Team, but the early cross was too deep and easy for Hyrul to get to
  • 72'
    In retrospect, that was a rather soft penalty. Not only that but T-Team were allowed to retake the penalty. Official word is that Hyrulnizam moved too far off his line before the penalty
  • 71'
    Yellow Card Faiz Subri
  • 70'
    Penalty Goal Rosdi bin Talib
  • 70'
    GOAL! No mistake this time as Rosni as he sends Hyrul the wrong way
  • 69'
    T-Team get to take the penalty again!
  • 69'
    Hyurlnizam guesses right! And palms it away! But the flag is up!
  • 68'
    Penalty! Faiz Subri goes down from a late challenge from Firdaus.
  • 67'
    A really good run from Sufian and support from Shahdan ends at Khairul Amri who is unable to hold off Norfazly's challenge
  • 67'
    Yellow Card Khairul Amri
  • 63'
    Shaiful Esah's resulting freekick, while well taken was seen all the way by Syamsuri who catches it with ease
  • 62'
    Norfazly bowls over Jumaat, gifting the Lions another freekick
  • 62'
    SubstitutionMohd Badrul Hisani bin Abdul Rahman Wan Khairul Faiz bin Kamaruddin
  • 59'
    Sufian Anuar has really been targeted by the T-Team back four. He had best stay healthy, Sundram only has 2 more subs on the bench.
  • 57'
    T-Team hold their line well as they force Lions to finally take a potshot outside the box. Firdaus was the one pulling the trigger, it goes over the bar
  • 56'
    A decent corner that forces a save from Syamsuri that goes out for another corner
  • 55'
    So close, Baihakki nearly got to it but was put off by pressure from Petric
  • 55'
    Khairul goes down from a challenge from Wan Khairul. Shaiful Esah looks to play it long
  • 53'
    It's a corner to the far post, but Petric is fouled. That gets T-Team out of trouble there
  • 53'
    It's a Lions corner as Khariul Amri wins a corner off a defender
  • 53'
    The ball falls to Firdaus outside the book but is only able to get a tame shot off. Easily claimed by Syamsuri
  • 51'
    Lions manages to clear their lines and look to attack
  • 50'
    Hyrulnizam flies across the goal to deny T-Team's Faiz' header! it's gone out for a corner
  • 49'
    Sufian Anuar gets the ball at the byline and turns Petric. He squeezes off the shot but the keeper is equal to it
  • 48'
    Hazbullah tries an opportunistic header on goal but it lobs over Hyrul and over the bar.
  • 47'
    Some brave keeping from new sub, Hyrul. His first touch as he claims the long free kick
  • 45'
    SubstitutionWan Mohamad Aliff bin Wan Jasmi Mohamad Zharif bin Hasna
  • 45'
    SubstitutionHyrulnizam Jumaat Izwan Mahbud
  • 45'
    LionsXII kick off the second half!
  • That's it. Halftime. Sundram will be quite pleased with the performance from his depleted team. T-Team will be wondering how they are not ahead. It was disastrous defensive mix-up that let the Lions back into the game.
  • 45'
    Shahdan plays a great lob pass which finds a breaking Irwan Shah. Unfortunately he's put too much into the shot and it sails just over the bar. So close
  • 42'
    Khairul Amri plays a beautiful ball to Shahdan between two defenders. But the player is offside. A good chance goes begging
  • 41'
    Some decent attacking buildup from T-Team this time as they keep the ball just outside the Lions box. Wan Khairul takes the shot but no power behind it
  • 38'
    A lovely one-two between Shahdan and Khairul as he receives the backheel layoff and gets a shot off. But Syamsuri was in the right position to turn it away
  • 36'
    Faiz Subri hits his freekick straight into the wall and allows Lions to play their way out of danger
  • 36'
    Shahdan misplaces his pass, and Jumaat picks up the foul to cover up
  • 35'
    Yellow Card Bojan Petrić
  • 35'
    Some decent ball movement from T-Team but Azrul isn't able to keep in play. Possession back with LionsXII
  • 33'
    Wan Khairul tries a pot shot from distance, but Izwan sees it wide.
  • 32'
    Sufian is clattered into by Norfazly, winning a free kick, but once again Esah's delivery is lacking
  • 30'
    The ball is played all the way back to Izwan as the Lions look to rebuild from the back
  • 23'
    That was really fortunate for the Lions. But it was a decent attack set up by Shahdan as he threaded in Sufian. It was Sufian's cross that caused all the confusion
  • 23'
    Own Goal Bojan Petrić
  • 23'
    GOAL for LionsXII! A comical own goal as Norfazly's clearance hits Petric and it rebounds into the net!
  • 22'
    But it's straight into the arms of Syamsuri. Esah was clearly aiming for Bai who was making a run at the far post
  • 22'
    Amri is shoved in the back. Shaiful Esah to swing it in
  • 21'
    Shaiful Esah is allowed to pick up the ball at 20 yards and he swings in a deep cross which finds Khairul Amri, but the Lions striker fouls Bojan Petric turning possession over
  • 17'
    Lions carve a half chance as the free kick bobbles to Bai, but he half volleys it over the bar
  • 17'
    Anuar wins another freekick as he invited the late tackle from T-Team defence
  • 15'
    Faiz goes down in the LionsXII penalty area! The ref waves for him to get up. That was close shave. Faiz made it look like he has a good claim to that
  • 13'
    Correction: A long throw. Which goes harmlessly to the keeper
  • 13'
    It's swung in and T-Team gets his fist to it. It's out for a corner
  • 13'
    Anuar is hauled down on the left as Petric gets his revenge from the earlier foul. Can do produce something?
  • 7'
    Fadzhil puts the ball in from the right, but Izwan is there to pick it out of the air
  • 6'
    That was really uncharacteristic of the LionsXII captain, and slightly disappointing from Izwan as he still allowed Azrul to beat him on his near post
  • 5'
    Goal Azrul Hazran Amiludin Baki
  • 5'
    Goal for T-Team! Terrible defending from LionsXII as Baihakki misses the header letting Azrul in on goal!
  • 2'
    That's really worrying for LionsXII, they only have 3 players named on the bench
  • 2'
    A strong challenge from Sufian Anuar on Petric leaves Anuar the worse off...
  • 1'
    And the game kicks off!
  • The Lions will be in their blue away strip tonight, as we see the players getting ready in the dugout
  • We're still waiting for the live broadcast. Everyone is hoping for a strong finish to the season from the LionsXII
  • 15 more minutes to the LionsXII final away game in Terengganu