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Martino's Barcelona unveiling - LIVE!
The former Newell's Old Boys and Paraguay coach is the man tasked with filling Tito Vilanova's shoes at Camp Nou and Goal is on hand to bring you all the coverage from his first press conference in Catalunya

Hosted by Joe Wright

20:15 SGT


And that's that! No new signings just yet, Cesc is wanted, and Barca will return to their high-pressing all-out-attack style that we all know and love - these were the main messages from a calm and pragmatic Tata Martino this afternoon. Ben Hayward will be on hand at Camp Nou to bring any more news updates throughout the day, and Martino's comments in full will be up on site shortly.

Thanks for joining me this afternoon for the beginning of a new Barcelona era...

20:12 SGT


And some final thoughts from Tata now, before he heads off for more photos:

"I haven't had the chance to meet them [assistants] because they have been working with the first team, but I look forward to meeting with them and taking over the coming days.

"We will try and play the same system (4-3-3) because that is the one the players feel most comfortable with. At Newell's we played exactly the same way last year."

20:08 SGT


Indeed, Tata seems more keen on facing compatriot Diego Simeone when Barca face Atletico Madrid next season:

"I'm really happy that Cholo (Simeone) is doing so well and had such a great season at Atletico Madrid - it will be like a big final when we play there next season."

20:04 SGT


"Beating Real Madrid is hugely important but cannot be compared [to rivalries in Argentina]..." says Tata.

Barcelonistas - do you agree with that?

20:01 SGT


Interesting debate going amongst you in the midst of all this. Some of you seem to think a partner for Gerard Pique is important, while others think the Spaniard isn't really good enough anyway.

And JanzhJan reckons Neymar will be ruined by playing alongside Messi, in a flop of Zlatan-esque proportions. Time will tell, I suppose.

More from Tata coming up!

19:55 SGT


"There is a little adaptation on both sides when you start to work with a new club. A club has to adapt a little to the coach and the coach must adapt to the team - especially when it comes to a team like Barcelona.

"We will try to follow the line of the titles this team has won in previous years.

"We will try to recover a few things we have noticed from the best version of Barcelona. Barcelona is accustomed to winning, and they have to win. If they don't, it'll be a failure. They have the best squad in the world."

19:51 SGT


On Cesc Fabregas now, and Manchester United's interest:

"I won't get involved in the economic interests of the club, but (if it's up to me) we will have him (Cesc) here."

"It's normal that Manchester United are interested in Cesc Fabregas - he is a great player. But we are very happy with him here," adds Bartomeu.

19:46 SGT


Possibly the first real statement of intent from Tata this morning - he does indeed want a Bielsa-esque Barca:

"The pressing that has been such a feature of this team is something I want us to get back. I want Barcelona to be a team that is comfortable in attack and that plays high up the pitch."

19:40 SGT


Tata (cont'd):

"We have spoken and he [Tito] welcomed me, wished me luck. I am grateful to him. I want to send him a lot of strength. I don't know him personally but we know what he is going through and we wish him all the best."

19:37 SGT


Plenty has been made of Barca's need for another central defender (Thiago Silva, anyone?) - even Tito admitted they were keen on signing one.

"I have only spoken to [Carles] Puyol this morning, but haven't even had a training session with the players yet so it's much too early to draw any conclusions about the needs of the team," was Tata's response on the issue.

Not giving too much away, at this stage.

19:36 SGT


And what of his view of the main man at his disposal?

"He (Lionel Messi) has played in different positions and in the last few years he has played as a central striker and exploded as a goalscorer which he didn't look like being in previous years. In a very quick answer, I would say he will continue to play in the same position."

19:33 SGT


You all seem impressed with Tata's responses so far - keep your views coming in! Hop over to Twitter or Facebook and log in to our chat box...

19:31 SGT


Lionel Messi said earlier this week that Martino would be a good appointment, but was forced to deny suggestions he had anything to do with it. Seems like he didn't, too.

"Messi said something. He said: 'We are from Rosario and Newell's and we don't know each other'... That's true," said Martino.

"Messi didn't have anything to do with our choice of Martino," adds Zubizarreta.

19:28 SGT


Of course, Tata's Paraguay was known more for its pragmatic defensive approach than high-pressing Bielsa-esque attacking play, but he insists you have to adapt your tactics based on the players at your disposal:

"My Paraguay team was nothing like the team we had at Newell's (in terms of playing style). I try to adapt to the qualities of the teams I am coaching and that is something I will look to do at Barcelona.

"There are excellent footballers [here], if we can return to the great ideas that Barcelona has had [in recent years], we will have a very competitive team."

19:25 SGT


Martino is another of Marcelo Bielsa's fabled 'disciples' having played under the 58-year-old in the 90s. Pep Guardiola was another, of course, who credits Bielsa with making him the coach he is today.

"I spent most of my career as a player at Newell's and he (Bielsa) was one of the most important coaches I worked for," Tata says.

19:22 SGT


More from Tata:

"If I had been working in Europe, I would be more well known. But as I have been working in South America, the players probably don't know me so well. That's normal - it's something natural.

"I hope we can get to know each other quickly and get the group together quickly as well. That's important. We also need to maintain the hunger for winning in this group [of players]."

19:20 SGT


Martino is a new name to many in Europe, given that his most high-profile roles have been with the likes of Newell's Old Boys and the Paraguay national side. And he admits he is still coming to terms with being handed the opportunity at Barca.

"Even if you are extremely ambitious, it is hard to imagine being at a club like this," he said. "A year ago, I wouldn't have imagined it but now I am here and I am very grateful for that."

19:18 SGT


One pressing question: will he learn Catalan?

"Catalan? We will try," he laughs. "Bon dia!"

Good start!

19:16 SGT


 "I want to find a style the players are comfortable with and also add my own personal touches, to introduce a few ideas of my own, and make the team more complete."

Exactly what Zubi wanted to hear, I imagine.

19:15 SGT


And now over to the man himself: Tata Martino's first words as Barcelona coach:

"[I'm] very happy, very grateful for the attention and the confidence [placed in me] at this club, with such great tradition and history. Sadly, we know that I have arrived here due to an unfortunate situation, so I would like to take the opportunity to send a big hug to Tito."